Margarita Special:

Come enjoy an authentic 16oz Margarita frozen or on the rocks for only $3.00, every Wednesday all day at NICO'S TEX-MEX CANTINA!!

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10 years of experience in delivering good food and excellent service to the medical professionals.
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Nico's “Give Me An A!” Program


As a way to cheer on all students and support education,  Nico’s Tex-Mex Cantina is excited to announce a program that will celebrate your child’s/students achievements by rewarding them for their hard work throughout the school year. Nico’s provides A and A-B Honor Roll cards to schools who likes to promote education for their students. Any school can come by Nico’s and pick-up the A and A-B Honor Roll cards as needed.

Students who receives an A and A-B Honor Roll card, please present your card to your waiter/waitress to receive your reward.

* Cannot be combined with any other promotion or coupon.

A Honor RollA-B Honor Roll